“Strange Things”

strange_thingsIn Luke 5 we observe a group of people in a home in Capernaum, where four men lowered down their friend through a hole in the roof so that he could meet Jesus, who was teaching a great crowd of people. They were able to witness the authority of Jesus Christ as he forgives this man of his sin and then, to prove he indeed has authority to forgive sins, he heals the man of his palsy and the man carries the bed home that we was carried in on. At the end of the this remarkable event, the people say, “We have seen strange things to day.”

That is an interesting way to communicate what they had seen that day—“strange things.” The word “strange” is a word that means something unseen and surpassing all the opinions and expectations of men. It was something that was extraordinary. They were amazed at what Jesus accomplished. When God does something it is “strange,” it is something we do not normally see and is supernatural.

We should desire and yearn to see these “strange things.” It seems to me that the power of God being manifest is becoming a rare event in America. We should pray that God would visit us in great power in the saving of souls and the changing of lives. I would gladly welcome an interruption to our mundane, ritualistic, uneventful church routines. I long to see God work “strange things” among us at Lakeview.

The reason we should desire to see these “strange things” is that God may be glorified in and through them. These authoritative works of Christ are not for our own benefit, primarily. They are so that men may see his power, authority and give him the glory He rightly deserves.

May God enable us to desire, pray, and ultimately witness these “strange things” of God.