Divine Love and Divine Intolerance!

The accusation of many Americans is that intolerance is equal to being unloving. That simply is not true. I understand that intolerance can be unloving, but it is not always the case.  The Bible commands us to be both loving and intolerant of sinful behavior. However, we are not to let our intolerance be unloving.  And it can become that very easily. Our fights are not with people but with sin and the author of sin, Satan.

The Bible says that God loved Jacob but hated Esau. And God can do that, he is God and can do as he pleases. But you and I are commanded to love everyone including our enemies. But at the same time we are not to tolerate, look the other way, or wink at sin.

The error is that to be tolerant is to be unloving. The very thing that many accuse Christians of, being unloving, is exactly what they are unknowingly are.  If you love people, you tell them where they are wrong and you show them the correct way. If you love people, you tell them how they may have God and eternal life. The most unloving thing you can do is be silent on the matter.

But we are tell them with love not hate. I don’t want to fence in homosexuals and let them die out. I want to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. I want to tell them that their sin of homosexuality is no worse than my sin or anyone else’s sin. But it is sin. And the wages of their sin, my sin, and anyone’s sin is death, both physical and spiritual death. Spiritual death culminates in being punished for our sins in hell for eternity. BUT Jesus came to live a perfect life that sinner can not. He died a death on the cross, so that we would not. He was raised from the dead, so that we will one day also rise. The answer for all sin is Jesus Christ.

So we are to love sinners–all sinners. Terrible sinners and trivial sinners. Worldly sinners and church sinners. We are to love everyone, no matter their sins but we are not to tolerate their sins because toleration is the epitamy of lovelessness. May God produce the fruit of love in us to cause us to love sinners (everyone), be intolerant of sin (all sin), and share the Gospel with sinners (all sinners).

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