Our God Identity!

identity-crisisIf you think about it, our identity is always tied to someone or something outside of ourselves. Sometimes we are identified by our parents or grandparents, our children, our occupations, our size and many other things. For example, I am the pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church, the father of Justin and Kelsey, the husband of Denease, and the owner of Molly.

The same is true in the spiritual realm. The identity of a believer is always tied to God. True believers can never get away from the fact that they are His people and He is their God. God sought us and bought us. We are not our own but we are His and in every attempt to identify ourselves we are always identified to God

We are children and He is our Father. We are sheep and He is our Shepherd. We are the body and He is the Head. We are the building and He is the Chief cornerstone. We are the bride and He is the Bridegroom. We are the branches and He is the Vine. We are citizens of the kingdom and He is the King. We are servants and He is the Master. We are followers and He is the one Followed. We are the redeemed and He is the Redeemer. We are saved and He is the Savior.

Do you see the pattern in every identifier I listed? In every case God is supreme, above, and over us. In every example God rules and reigns over us. Our identity is derived from God and it is always a submissive identity to God. We bow to Him, we obey Him, we yield to Him, we worship Him, we praise Him, we follow Him, we thank Him, we serve Him, we feed on Him, and we glorify Him.

Believers, in the finished work of Christ, are always seen in the context of God and always God is to be exalted and glorified in our identities. We are never seen as separate from our God and never seen as greater than our God.