Why Would You Want to Be in Heaven?

20140623-072211-26531420.jpgIntriguing thought from Collin Smith on why do we want to go to heaven!

Whom have I in heaven but you? Psalm 73:25

Imagine Joe and Mary, a young couple engaged and about to be married. The wedding is just five days away, and Joe takes Mary out for a candlelit dinner.

“Five days to go,” Joe says, “I can hardly wait for Saturday to come.” Mary smiles as she looks into his eyes across the candles. “Tell me why you’re so excited about Saturday.” Now, all Joe has to say is, “Because on Saturday I get to marry you!”

But instead, Joe says, “I can’t wait for Saturday, because my great uncle Jack is coming in from Boston, and I haven’t seen him for years!” Or, “My college friends from the football team are all coming into town, and we’re going out Friday night!” Or, “The reception is at the Grand Hotel, and the food there is awesome!” These things may be wonderfully true. The problem is that by making them his focus, Joe has completely missed the point!

Surveys show that something like 90% of all Americans think that they’ll be in heaven. A good question to ask is “Why would you want to be in heaven?” Your answer to this question will be one of the most revealing things about you.

If your life on earth is about people, pleasures and possessions, that will probably be your idea of heaven as well. There is no more room for Christ in some people’s view of heaven than there is in their life on earth.

Why would you want to be in heaven?

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Heaven Is For Real!

Heaven_is_for_Real_1It seems, I always come across as the bad guy and the kill joy. I try not to be but I rarely succeed. I had a conversation with an 8th grade student who wanted to talk about the upcoming film, Heaven Is For Real.” I came across very badly because I told her the truth. And when you tell the truth, you are the bad guy and the kill joy.

The book, Heaven Is For Real” has sold more than 7 million copies. It is the supposedly true story of a four-year old boy who went to heaven. In heaven, he got a halo and wings that turned out to be too small for him. He claims to have sat on Jesus’ lap while angels sang to him. He met the Holy Spirit whom he describes as “kinda blue.” The tale of this little journey to heaven and back is full of things that are not in the Bible and other things that are contrary to the Bible.

This book and the many others like it, are an attack on the sufficiency of Scripture. The Bible tells us a lot about heaven and it tells us all that God wants us to know about heaven. However, to the undiscerning church in America, Scripture is simply not enough. We read these books and watch these movies when we have the Word of God. It is amazing!

There is no one in the Bible taken to heaven. No one! Four men received visions of heaven, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, and John, but not one person was taken physically to heaven. In fact the Bible speaks to this in John 3:13, “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.”

If you read “Heaven Is For Real” or any of the other end-time books, you will discover that their version of heaven is all about their glory and not for the glory of God. All things are to bring glory to him and I would guess heaven especially would be about his glory and not ours.

So yes, I told her the truth and yes, I was seen as the bad guy and the kill joy. The truth seems to have that effect on people.

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