Grace Flows Downhill!

graceGrace flows downhill, that is the thought I want to consume you today and everyday. The Grace of God is the motivation of God in salvation. Salvation is given by grace to those who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it or earn it. Grace flows down hill and then puddles in great depth at the bottom. Please get that truth clear in your mind and heart. Grace is at the bottom and not the top.

Grace flows downhill to reach those who are spiritually dead, those who are confessionally weak, those who are fully aware of their failings and faults. Grace runs counter to our self-esteem massaging American culture that tries to see and magnify good and specialness in every person. Self-esteem would be great if grace was at the top but it’s not.

The further you climb religiously, the less you experience grace. The higher you go the less grace is a reality. The greater the altitude the less grace you have. The Pharisees climbed to the very summit of religion and found at the top that there was no grace. At the top, there is only performances that will gain you nothing with God because we are not saved by performance, we are saved by grace. It is very lonely at the top because at the top, there is only you.

The more you feel your deadness, the more you face your weakness, the more you acknowledge your inability, the more you own your nothingness, the more you admit your sinfulness, the more you confess your failings the more you will see grace and the the greater you will see the God of all grace.

Always remember that Grace flows downhill.

By lakeviewbc Posted in Grace