Problems With the “God Is Not Dead” Movie!

Gods-not-deadAs I see it, there are three problems with the theology of the apologetic argument in the movie, “God Is Not Dead.”

1. Josh, the student arguing for God against his atheist Philosophy professor, equates the big bang to what one would expect if God spoke the universe into existence. This stands in complete opposition to the creation account in Genesis that has God creating things on separate days.

2. Josh implies that God could be behind the seemingly random process of evolution. The Bible says God spoke the universe into existence. He did not create it through an evolutionary process.

3. Josh claims that the problem of evil in the world is the necessary consequence of free will. The reality is that the problem of evil in the world is the consequence of sin, not free will. I guess an atheist does not need to hear about sin.

“God Is Not Dead” is more of the tired and worn attempt at trying to explain the Bible by using science. Please understand that science must agree with Scripture not the other way around. Christians are not dependent on science for assurance that God is not dead. Our assurance comes from Scripture.

I agree with those at Creation Ministries who said, “If this were the best that Christians can come up with, we would be in serious trouble and it is likely that we would not convince anyone of the truth.” I am glad that in the movie the professor was won over because in real life these weak arguments would not persuade any intelligent atheist.

The sad truth is that churches are endorsing their youth and congregations to see this movie without one thought of the weak and unbiblical apologetic that it presents. This is certainly more evidence of the lack of discernment among Christians and the further attack on the sufficiency of Scripture.