The Three Greatest Words In The Bible!

it_is_finishedWhat would you think would be the three greatest words in the Bible? Perhaps, “In the Beginning.” In these three words, the Holy Spirit communicates the eternal self-existence of God. The Scriptures begin with the truth that God has always been and thus will always be. God does not depend on anything for his existence.

You might say the three greatest words in the Bible are, “God So Loved.” We are reminded of the unconditional love of the Father toward undeserving sinners. This love for both Jew and Gentile caused the Father to move toward the objects of his love by sending his Son, Jesus, to come and to save His people from their sins.

I am sure there are many other answers you could name and all are very good and convincing. But the three words that I think that are the greatest in the Bible are these, “IT IS FINISHED.” These were the last words Jesus spoke before he gave up his life. And the greatest piece of communication to us, who are so often trying to complete that which is already complete.

What is IT? The it is the work of salvation. Everything that is required and needed for a sinner to be saved. Righteousness performed, the law fulfilled, the good news proclaimed, our sins taken, and wrath appeased. That is what IT is. It is everything needed for the salvation of mankind.

What does FINISHED mean? It means the activity or process is complete or is brought to an end. There is nothing left undone and there is nothing left to do. There is no further work that needs to be tended to. Jesus is saying that He has done every bit of that which is needed for the justification and salvation of man.  It is finished.

Of course, three days later when Jesus is raised from the tomb we have the visual evidence that it is truly finished. For God has accepted the sacrifice and his anger and wrath has been propitiated by Jesus Christ.

I guess I need to make a clarification. In the Greek there are not three words but just one, “Tetelestai”– “FINISHED.” That is what Jesus said as he takes his last breath. FINISHED! Praise God and the Son for this blessed truth! FINISHED!



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