Fire Hydrants!

Fire_Hydrant_3.jpg078d278e-d856-49ba-b5df-04da52d07f9eLargerMy friend recently moved into a private and expensive neighborhood. The homeowners pressured the town and successfully had a fire hydrant installed in the midst of their community. This new hydrant will have the ability to provide an unending stream of pressured water in the event of a fire. The hydrant greatly reduces the chances that homeowners there will suffer complete and catastrophe loss. In fact, insurance premiums for the homes have been lowered because of the hydrant.

If you were not looking for it, you would likely miss it. However, to the keen observer, there it is. A one-and- half foot high and freshly painted red fire hydrant sitting in the middle of a perfectly groomed area. It is true that it looks like every other fire hydrant but to these homeowners, it is special. The local fire department has a map of the location of every hydrant in town and sure enough, this new hydrant has a prominent place on the map.

Last night, faulty wiring in the garage of a newly constructed home was responsible for the start of a fire. The smoke alarms, installed and tied to the fire department, did their jobs in alerting the authorities of the problem. The fire trucks arrived quickly and hooked their hoses to the new hydrant. As a firefighter began to unloose the valve that would deliver thousands of gallons of water, the unthinkable became apparent. In their haste to get the fire hydrant in the neighborhood, the town had failed to hook it up to the water supply. Not one drop of water came out of the hydrant and in a matter of minutes the house was totally lost.

Above ground, the hydrant looked functional and provided security and a sense of safety but there was no connection that would make the hydrant functional. Everyone took for granted that the outward appearance indicated an underground connection.

I am afraid that many people are just like the fire hydrant in this hypothetical story. They look the part and on the at times they appear to be what they say they are. When the salvation question arises, they quickly say, “I am saved.” There is assurance in their statement and some security for the family in their assertion. However, I fear that when the fire of God’s judgment comes they will discover there was a fatal neglect in connecting themselves to Jesus Christ. They installed themselves in the community of God’s people but they never truly connected themselves by faith to the finished work of Christ on the cross.

The Bible tells us that many on that day will face Jesus and will claim that they have done many things in His name only to hear Jesus respond that He never knew them. When the fire of eternal punishment is blazing, they will turn the valve only to find that there is no water—no connection to the only remedy for the flames of judgment—Jesus Christ.

Please make your calling and election sure. Examine yourself to see if your clearly see the fruits of the Holy Spirit evident in your heart. Make sure of your connection to Christ by faith. He is the only hope.


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