Dinner Is Prepared!

1dinner-tableImagine you have invited several couples over for dinner. You want to make this a very special dinner that they will find nourishing. You buy several recipe books to help you prepare great tasting foods. You spend several days preparing for this dinner, trying to make sure things are just right. You spend some extra money and time on plates and napkins so that the presentation of the food is enhanced as well. Finally, the day comes and you are so excited about these couples coming and feasting on the dishes you have prepared and worked so hard and long on.

However, they don’t show up. Instead of coming, one couple visited a sick relative. Another couple, decided to go on a trip. One couple had a hard day and simply was too exhausted to come. Another couple had a child playing volleyball and was absent. All the hard work and all the time spent to prepare a dinner just for these couples were wasted because they did not attend. All the food remains on the table because there is nobody to eat it. How disappointed would you be?

Don’t we do the same thing to our Sunday School teacher and preacher when they have studied and prepared all week long to feed us from God’s Word and then we don’t show up to eat? Can you imagine the disappointment of the teacher and preacher to see so many missing? We would not be happy if it happened to us but we have no difficulty in doing it to others.

We need to be mindful that if we do not show up to eat, the cooks may stop cooking.

By lakeviewbc Posted in Church

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