The Church I Long For!

evangelism-stilesI am currently reading the book “Evangelism:How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus” by J. Mack Stiles when I came across a portion that made my heart say a hearty amen. I thought I would share it with you in hopes you will feel the same affirmation in your own heart. May God help this be Lakeview Baptist Church for I too long for a church like this.

I long for a church that understands that it— the local church— is the chosen and best method of evangelism. I long for a church where the Christians are so in love with Jesus that when they go about the regular time of worship, they become an image of the gospel. I long for a church that disarms with love, not entertainment, and lives out countercultural confidence in the power of the gospel. I long for a church where the greatest celebrations happen over those who share their faith, and the heroes are those who risk their reputations to evangelize. I yearn for a culture of evangelism with brothers and sisters whose backs are up to mine in the battle; where I’m taught and I teach about what it means to share our faith; and where I see leaders in the church leading people to Jesus. I want a church where you can point to changed lives, where you can see people stand up and say, “When I came to this church two years ago, I didn’t know God, but now I do!” I long to be a part of a culture of evangelism like that. 


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