What Are We Doing To The Church?

fragmented_audienceI saw a billboard for a local church that is promoting the start of a “Country Worship Service.” The sign promises Country and Bluegrass music during this particular service. I can’t help but ask myself what are we doing to the church?

We have already separated our churches by age groups. Seniors fellowship only with Seniors, Young Adults fellowship with only Young Adults, Middle Agers fellowship only with Middle Agers, Teenagers Fellowship only with Teenagers, and Elementary Youth fellowship only with Elementary Youth. We accomplish this in Sunday School, class outings, Children’s Church, Wednesday Youth, and so on. I think that these divisions are very unhealthy and do not progress the Biblical mandate of the church.

But now we are further separating, dividing, fragmenting, and isolating the church. People who like certain kinds of music just come to the service that meets their desires. So one would never fellowship with those who have different preferences than their own. This is very sad, very unhealthy, and without any Biblical example whatsoever.

I understand it is done to attract a crowd, to try to please everyone, to meet the consumers felt needs, to make people happy. But those things are not the mission of the church. The church should major on the teaching and preaching of the gospel. So you have different music but the same weak preaching, if there is preaching at all.

Then we have whole churches for special people. Churches just for cowboys and just for those who ride motorcycles. These exist because those people just don’t feel comfortable in the traditional church setting, so instead of loving and serving those who are not like us, we just surround ourselves with people just like us.

The way to do church today is to have many services that appeal to as many people as you can. So you have a Country music service which is followed by a Contemporary Christian music service which is followed by a Hip-Hop service which is followed by a Heavy Metal service which is followed by a Southern Gospel Service which is followed by a Traditional Hymn service.

Most church goers will love this without once considering the danger of such actions. The Bible seems to point toward a group of very diverse group of people who have been brought together by one God, one Christ, one baptism, and one Spirit. And we are to love and serve those who are like us and those who are not like us. Church is where there is an integration of young and old and where there is mutual involvement among all ages and types of people. The church is where we are to put our personal preferences aside as we esteem others before ourselves. The Church is where we let God choose our friends. God forbid we have to endure types of music that we don’t care for just because our brother or sister in Christ enjoys it.

The church should be a united group of people who are ALL serving one another in love. Church should not be the fragmented mess we have made it to be. We might want to try the Biblical strategy, God promised it would work.

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