A Very Cynical Post!

All_Dogs_Go_to_Heaven_1989_DVD_CoverIt seems popular today to get our theology from films, such as Heaven Is For Real, Noah, and The God Story,. I thought that if we are going to get our theology from Hollywood instead of the Bible (since those films contradict the Bible), we would open the vault a bit. I think we need to reexamine the theological truth of the movie “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” I would guess it has as much merit as the other movies we mentioned. Let’s see what kind of nuggets we can glean from this movie:

  • The default location of the after-life is heaven, even if your life was lived badly.
  • Everyone gets a life-watch which is a pocket watch representing the person’s lifespan.
  • When the watch is wound up, it sends the person back to earth.
  • When the watch stops ticking, this new life is over and the person goes to hell.
  • When the watch stops ticking, you can still come to earth but you are in ghost form.
  • If you give up your life for someone else, you gain a place in heaven.

These are not exactly Biblical truths but who cares, they are in a movie and it must be right and beneficial to watch, right? The truth is that I can get the same theological value out of “All Dogs Go to Heaven” as I can from watching “Heaven Is For Real.” Plus it gives me hope for Molly and there is a sequel! Sorry, I have grown so cynical.


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