The Pursuit of Peace!

Peace-handsThe desire for peace is a worthy pursuit. Whether the peace sought be our marriages, our families, our churches, our work, our nation, or our world. Peace is something we all should desire.

What we should remember though, is peace is a very difficult thing to obtain and even harder to maintain. Especially in the “me first“ culture in which we live in America. It seems conflict and hostility rule the day. Nevertheless, peace is possible in all the areas of our lives but there are two contrasting paths of our pursuit of peace.

The first is Tolerance. This means we compromise what we know to be true and right and simply tolerate the false and the wrong for the sake of peace. We may not change our convictions but we simply are not going to say anything and we are not going to challenge anyone. This is what we must do if we are gong to have peace. However, this is a very damaging choice. It leaves the others in their error and sin. It helps no one and the resulting peace is a very hollow. This is the error the world encourages us to pursue. Tolerance in all areas and at all costs is a way but a bad way to have peace.

The second is Submission. There are disagreements but we submit to God ordained order and roles. Submission is hard and so unnatural that only a Holy Spirit possessed person can do it. There may be conflicts in the marriage but at the end of the day, the husband is head of the home and wife is to submit to his decision. Children submit to their parents. Church members submit to their leaders and in a sense should submit to others in the church. Employees are to submit to their employers. In addition, we all should be submitting to the authority of the Lord and His word.

I hope you can see that peace is possible where there is submission and this peace will be honoring and glorifying to God. This is the way that God has enabled peace to be a reality. Tolerance is not. So we can have a hollow and temporary peace accomplished by tolerance or we can have real lasting peace that comes through submission.

It is important which you individually choose and which the church chooses.


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