Passion Week Thursday!

Maundy ThursdayIn the final week of Jesus Christ, Thursday would be his final day of freedom (Remember the Jewish Thursday would run from sundown Wednesday to sundown Thursday). Friday he will go from one mock trial to another and be crucified. So knowing that the next day you will put to death, how do you spend the day before? Jesus spends it in a very selfless fashion.

He Eats With His Disciples. The last supper in the upper room will be the last time that Jesus and his disciples will be together before the cross. It is during this supper that Jesus reveals there is a betrayer among his disciples.

He Washes the Feet of His Disciples. We are reminded that salvation is an ongoing process. While there is an initial cleansing, there must be daily cleansings as well. Sanctification is the on going process of our salvation. It is amazing that Jesus serves His disciples this way and even more amazing that He serves the one He knows will betray him. Jesus here serves as an example to us, that we should service one another.

He Prays For His Disciples. We can read the prayer of Christ on Thursday in John 17. The prayer is mainly a prayer concerning his disciples, both current disciples and future disciples. He prays that the Father may be with His disciples in the absence of Christ.

His final day before being betrayed, arrested, and crucified is spent preparing His disciples for their life and ministry without him. These 11 are going to carry out the mission that Christ came to purchase. He will send them the Holy Spirit and they will spread the Good News around the world. On Thursday, Jesus is focused on his disciples.

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