Online Streaming Cautions!

Church-Online_wide_tA door has opened for us to stream our services live on the Internet. While this is an exciting addition to our outreach, I feel there are some cautionary thoughts to mention. Let me begin with what our church online is not and then what it is.

Our online services are not home campuses. It is not an alternative to coming to church. The Bible commands us to gather in a physical place. Obedience to that command is important because we all need to be in a physical community and the community needs us as well. Church is not designed to be just one person behind a computer screen. Church is to be about a community of believers singing, praying, worshipping, serving, loving, forgiving, and providing for one another in a personal and physical setting. That requires a physical gathering. We are not to neglect the assembling of ourselves together.

What is the online streaming of our services ultimate goal? There will be times when you are ill or a child is ill and you are not physically able to come to church. There are shut-ins who cannot come to church. There may be times when you are providentially hindered from coming to church. There may be times when you are out of town and can’t easily find a church to attend. There may be those you know that don’t attend church and you could recommend that they watch our services to hear the gospel. These are all reasons why we are online streaming our services.

The bottom line is that the online services will be there if you can’t be here. If it is impossible for you to be at Lakeview, the online streaming will be there for you. And we trust that God may use it in a way that would bring glory and honor to his name. You can access the online services by going to and clicking the “Watch Live” button.


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