Confession and Correction!


A visiting couple told me recently that the reason they were visiting our church is because they read my blog and decided to stop by. That should have brought some degree of excitement but instead conviction immediately flooded my heart. The reason is that I have been so terribly lax with the blog and have not posted with the frequency that I should. It seems that busyness and fatigue kept the blog from being a source of consistent posts. So that which should have produced joy instead brought great conviction.

All that to say that my desire is to make life arrangements in order to make the blog something that will have daily updates and posts. After much thought, I think it is one way that I can better serve the church at Lakeview. I am a very routine person, so I must elevate the priority of the blog in my daily tasks.

My desire is that you will come to the church website and find daily help, encouragement, and teaching that will benefit in you’re glorying Christ. I am always searching for ways to serve the body at Lakeview, understand my failure with the blog, and want to now correct that error.

I know that many have their own routines in their web trafficking but I trust you will check out the blog on a daily basis and that you will find it to be a source of much help in your spiritual journey. And I would covet your prayers for me in this matter.

The fun begins on Monday!


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