American Churches!

ImageDid you know that the United States of America is ranked fourth in the world in unchurched people? It’s true, America trails only China, India, and Russia in the largest number of unchurched. Couple that with the fact that 3500-4000 churches close their doors every year in America, according to

The problem, as I see it, is a lack of commitment on the part of God’s people. Churches close each year because of the unfaithfulness, lack of generosity, and failure to serve. On a given Sunday, many simply find something else to do other than going to church. Many don’t feel the need to support the work of the church financially. The prevailing attitude in church is serve me not who can I serve.

So in the end, leadership is discouraged because they simply do not see spiritual progress in the people, money is not there to pay the bills and fund the ministry, and those who will service must serve in so many areas they become exhausted.

I heard a very foolish missionary leader who said there are enough preachers for America and then led a guilt-driven push for foreign missionaries. There is a great need in our own land and it must start with God’s people. If God’s people are not going to be faithful, give sacrificially, and serve submissively, I don’t see much hope that the true gospel-centered church will survive. And if the church does not survive what does that mean for our country?

Be faithful, give to the work at the local church level so that the work can be funded and continue, and serve the body well. I pray Lakeview will not become one of the 3500 closed churches.