Here are three free books to help you pray for your wife, husband, children or anybody really.  These prayers are for spiritual blessings, which usually get pushed out in favor of physical needs. Get it free for computer as a PDF, for Kindle or Kindle App, and Nook.  Prayers are designed to change the prayer and these certain help in focusing on that.  Enjoy!

A practical prayer-book designed to help husbands intercede for their wives consistently and biblically.

“More than a guidebook, it is rather a springboard to a deepening love relationship with God and with one’s wife. A book to savor, reflect on, and then offer prayers from a pure heart and clear conscience.”
-WILLIAM R. CUTRER M.D. Gheens professor of Christian Ministry, SBTS, author of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.

“Andrew Case has provided an ingenious and glorious tool for Christian husbands, one that has the potential of binding husbands and wives ever closer together while these prayers seek more intimate relationship between their wives and their God. By employing themes, principles, promises, and pleas from Scripture itself, Case has crafted hundreds of rich and meaningful prayers that any and every Christian husband can pray for his own wife.”
-BRUCE A. WARE Professor of Christian Theology
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

PDF      Kindle

A practical prayer-book designed to help wives intercede for their husbands consistently and biblically.

“God sees when women kneel in prayer for their husbands, and Prayers of an Excellent Wife provides the reader with all the scriptural principles and language needed to cover a man with powerful intercession—prayers so effective, they’ll resonate throughout his life.”
Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“Prayers of An Excellent Wife provides a template that if used properly will indeed produce excellent wives who faithfully and passionately pray God’s word for their precious husbands.”
Wife of R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Director of Seminary Wives Institute,

PDF     Kindle     Nook

A practical prayer-book designed to help parents intercede for their children consistently and biblically.

This book, drawn mostly right from Holy Scripture, can be a spur to your family to get off the couch and away from the television and on your knees praying for the salvation and welfare of your children.”
 Author of 
Adopted for Life
Senior Vice President 

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Andrew Case has provided parents with a powerful tool: the Word of God turned to prayer–specifically for their children…. this book will encourage, inspire, and strengthen anyone who wants to learn to grow in dependence on God, or–in other words–prayer.”
Bestselling author of The Jesus Storybook Bible

 PDF        Kindle      Nook

Free Outstanding Books to Help Your Prayers!


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