The Tim Tebow Problem!

Don’t misunderstand me, I have absolutely no problem with Tim Tebow praising God after every score, praying on the sideline or giving God glory at the end of the game.  I really appreciate him doing that. My concern is with Christians who have elevated Tebow as the new poster boy of Christianity.

There are two reasons I am concerned. Firstly, we tend to set up humans as the ones we are to follow instead of following Jesus.  We are to primarily follow our Savior Jesus Christ and not human examples so much. My fear is that Tim Tebow becomes the model to follow instead of Christ.  Jesus said that we are to take up our cross, deny ourselves and follow HIM.  I commend Tebow for his stand but I am to follow Jesus not a football player.  I have noticed a lot of talk among Christians about Tebow while I hear little talk from the same people about Christ.  That concerns me.

The second reason I am concerned is I think we are setting up Tebow, ourselves, and Christianity for a fall.  Tim Tebow is human and he will fail. He is not perfect and will make mistakes.  Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and on and on all great men of God– failed. What happens when Tebow fails?  What happens to all those who idolize Tebow when he falls? What happens to people’s perception of Christianity when he missteps? It is going to happen because he was born a sinner just like the rest of us and being a high profile sports figure he is going to be tempted in greater degree than any of us could imagine. We have done nothing but set up ourselves for failure.

But Jesus will never fail.  He lived perfectly on earth and rules and reigns perfectly. He never fails, he will never let you down and will never bring reproach on Christianity.  I wish we would point people toward Jesus, he is the example to follow, not a sports figure who is encumbered with sinful flesh. So appreciate Tim Tebow’s unashamed confession of Christ but don’t make him what he can not possibly be.

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