Route 66

Route 66 by Krish Kandiah is designed to offer a crash course in navigating life with the Bible.  The aim is to take the reader on a journey to discover how the 66 books of the Bible help us to know God and how to live for him.

In this overview of the Word of God, the material is set up for five study times for eight consecutive weeks.  The study divides the Bible into its eight genres–Narrative, Law, Psalms, Wisdom, Prophetic, Gospels, Epistles, and Apocalyptic. These genres are used to help the reader navigate through the Bible, they set the tone of travel and finally provide the proper perspectives on the journey.

Each daily study has practical applications for the reader to make use of in their daily experiences and several questions end each study to further solidify the understanding the material.

This is an ideal book for those who are new to the faith or who have never jumped in with both feet in studying the Bible.  It is always helpful to get an overview before settling down to a particular intense study. Those further along in their study of scripture may find the it’s brevity a hinderance to their enjoyment of the book.  A group study, where there can be a sharing of ideas, may prove to be the most beneficial way to use Route 66.

For someone who is setting out to begin a serious study of the Bible, Route 66 by Krish Kandiah would be a great starting point.

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