True North Book Review

I mark my books as I read them.  Nobody wants to borrow a book from me because they are normally full of underlines, highlights, and notes in the margins.  As I look now at my copy of True North, I probably made more markings and notations in it than I have any book in quite some time.  There is just so much here that has practical benefit that almost every page has some type of marking.

As I initially scanned the book, my biggest fear was that it was another of those books that encourage you to choose God “to make life work.”  But I found that this was not that kind of book at all.  It was more a book to help the reader “become the kind of person who knows God intimately and who can reflect his good heart to others, despite the circumstances.”

The premise of the book is to examine our reactions and responses to the frustrations of life.  How do we respond to flat tires, broken water pipes, difficult people, interruptions to our schedules, and a million other daily frustrations?  Do we react in a Christ centric fashion or do we respond like people who don’t even believe in Jesus.

What is at stake in our reactions are our worship, walk, and witness.  If those things are important to you, then this book will be a welcome companion.  The question the authors, Gary and Lisa Heim, pose is will you go north or south in your response to life’s frustrations?

We typically go south when we encounter struggles. A South reaction would include despair, worry, anger, or bitterness.  But we could and should choose to go North in which we surrender and submit to the Lord knowing that he uses everything for our good.  We should react to life’s bumps by knowing that God is always working to help me treasure him and to conform me into the very likeness of Jesus.  And to to do that, these frustrations are needed.

True North does a nice job of explaining why frustrations occur and why it is so easy for us to default in making a South reaction.  The majority of the book is made up of the description of the two ways.  Going South is described in terms of Grumbling and Grasping. While Going North is seen as Grace, Gift, Gratitude, and Giving.

The last part of the book is an effort to ensure that we have properly understood the thrust of the book, that we allow it to grow in us, and that we help others with their frustrations as well.

I gladly recommend True North to you.  In fact, I would say, Get it today and read it as soon as you get it.  There is so much here to help you along your Christian journey and I think you will find, as I did, help on almost every page.  It will cause you to think and reflect on everything that happens in your life instead of just blindly reacting.  This book will certainly make a difference the next time you have a North/South moment.

1 would let you borrow mine, but there is way too much marking in it.


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