Self Discovery!

I hate the fact that I am like other men!

That sounds like a prideful statement, doesn’t it?  I can assure you that it is not intended to be.  Let me explain.

As I view other people, I am so disappointed.

I see little faith in people. When confronted with difficulties they display doubt not faith. They complain instead praise. They grumble instead of glorifying. They murmur instead of magnifying.

I see little commitment in people. Little commitment to their marriage, little commitment to their church and little commitment to their Lord.

I see little desire for God and the things of God.  Where are they on Sunday morning, where are they on Sunday night and where are they on Wednesday evening?  Why don’t they desire to worship and glorify God?

I see a people who need to be entertained.  Televisions, internet, and so much more that are used to simply entertain them.  Hours of unproductive activity fills their lives to make them laugh or cry and stimulate their emotions.

I see people who love their sins.  They must love them for they keep repeating them and they are quick to justify them instead of repenting of them.

I see people who are spoiled, selfish, and self-destructive.  They seek to have their way and they seek to be served instead of serving.  They seek their own pleasure instead of pleasing God.

I see people who are full of pride. I see people who are critical of others and blind to their own faults.  I see people who flaunt their freedom in Christ while ignoring the possible offenses of stumbling to their fellow believer. I see people who find their value in promotions achievements and compliments instead of their being chosen of God.

I see people who show little difference from people of the world.  They watch the same things, listen to the same things, go to the same places and enjoy the same things.

I see people who are so easily satisfied and content with their spiritual growth. They don’t desire to be stretched or made to think about spiritual matters. They have little desire for spiritual progress.

How disappointing it is when you look at other people! People are so discouraging!

Then I examine myself…….And I want to say, “I am glad that I am not like those people.” But…. I can’t.  I am just like them…and I hate it.  Their faults and failures are my faults and failures.  Their sinful desires are my sinful desires.  All that is wrong in them is wrong in me.

As much as I am disappointed in them, I am sure they also  are disappointed in me.  And to be honest with you, I am disappointed in myself.

Paul laid claim on being the chiefest of sinners and I understand what Paul was feeling.  If I am disappointed in others and myself then what must God be feeling?  That just makes it worse, doesn’t it?

The error would be like the Pharisee who said that he was glad that he “was not like other men.” The error is to point our fingers at others and not at ourselves.  The error is to see the faults of others while ignoring the same in ourselves.  The error is to see the sins of others while looking past our own or our potential of far greater offenses.

I begin this week with this thought……I hate that I am like other men….but I am… and so the battle continues….the war wages on….the battle with sin in my own life and the battle you wage in your own life continue on.  My struggle with pride and self-righteousness continues.

May we fight the fight and may we not shy away from the skirmishes that confront us daily. May we make war on those sins that so easily beset us. May we see our weakness and see our desperate need for him. May we pray, fast and seek His strength and supply in our lives.

And may we look toward a day that we will no longer by like other men, but we shall be like Him.


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