What’s Important at Church!

The great error of our day is the choosing church based on preference. People move from church to church based on programs, music style, building size, social opportunities, friends who are there and many other superficial reasons.  Here is a refreshing quote from an upcoming book titled, “Reverberation” by Jonathan Leeman:

“Here’s what I want to plead with my fellow Christians: as you or I sit there wondering whether or not we’ll come back to a church, the most important thing to consider is how seriously the church treats God’s Word. Are the sermons meaty? Is the music theologically beefy? Do they read the Bible out loud? Do the public prayers reflect the priorities of the Bible?…If the Father’s Word of the Son working through power of the Spirit is the only thing that gives life to the dead and freedom to the slave, then you and I should primarily be looking for one thing when we gather with a church: God’s Word


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