We Can’t Trust Ourselves! (The Will of God–Part 2)

Yesterday, I pinpointed what about the will of God I am addressing.  It is our pleasing God, his commands, or his desirous will that we are focusing on.  It is this will that we so often abuse.  We often do what we want to do and to escape questions about it we attribute it to God.  We say things like “God is leading me, “  “I feel God’s will is for me to,” or “I think God wants me to….”

And what I want to remind you of today is the impossibility that you can trust yourself.  Your feelings and your desires cannot be trusted.  The Bible says that our hearts are “desperately wicked, who can know them?”  Our desires and flesh are manipulative and deceptive.  The flesh desires to have its way and if it can have its way and avoid examination by blaming it on God, then so be it.  We are so selfish and so self-driven that almost every decision we make is influenced by our own selfish desires and wants.

The reason you can’t trust your feelings is that your desires change according to your circumstances.  Here is how it works for me. When attendance is low, the Lord is leading me to serve somewhere else.  When attendance is high, this is the exact place that God wants me. When there are problems to confront, I feel God wants me to get out of the ministry altogether. Situations dictate our feelings so that they cannot be trusted.

The only source of trust is the Word of God.  It is the only thing on earth you can fully and finally trust.  Not my feelings and not my desires and not my peace but the Word of God.  So when it comes to pleasing God we must find that path in the word of God.  It is not what I feel but what the Word of God says.

So if you want to buy that new item or you want to go to another place just be honest and take credit for your own decisions and stop blaming God.  And what you do, do it hoping and praying that God is pleased with it and that he gets glory from it. Do everything you can to please God in that decision while admitting that we cannot know for sure unless the Word says it.

What Biblically do we know is God’s will?  That is what we will examine next.


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